Rainee's Crystal Blog: Rose Quartz - November 2017

November 28, 2017

Rainee's Crystal Blog: Rose Quartz - November 2017

by Rainee Osborn

     Rose quartz is a variation from the quartz family that comes in different shades of pink. It is mostly opaque with a bit of translucence. As for it's energy, rose quartz emanates a powerful, yet gentle, loving energy: the healing energy of unconditional love. It’s high vibration of harmony, love, happiness, warmth and tenderness can enhance any relationship, but the journey of healing starts with learning to accept unconditional love for yourself and enhancing our efforts to learn to love others unconditionally. The results of this shift include: greater clarity and discernment, emboldened self-esteem and self-worth, improved emotional health, and restored inner peace, as we strive for enlightenment.     

     Rose quartz connects with and gently opens the heart chakra. Its flow of unconditional love assists us in forgiving ourselves and others for past mistakes--Freeing us up, to let go, of all that fear, pain and regret that doesn’t serve us. This allows us to heal completely from loss, past traumas or a “broken heart”, transforming us to be more open, loving and present in current relationships. Rose quartz can help us find our true love by healing hurts and raising our vibration, clearing the way for our soulmate to be drawn to us. 

     Through its calming and soothing effects, rose quartz can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  It can release unexpressed anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment and grief.  Strengthening us, to deal with challenging people, with compassion and to overcome difficult situations.

     Rose quartz can ignite our passion within, stimulating our imaginations, opening us to higher thoughts that create new ideas and new ways to solve old problems. This gentle stone leads us to step into new ways of being and allows us to find greater levels of success, as we move beyond our blocks and become more receptive to success and prosperity.

     A great way to keep rose quartz near you and with you, find rose quartz jewelry. A pendant that lies close to the heart can be particularly effective. A small stone can be slipped into a pocket, your bra or under your pillow. You can place a collection of stones in a bowl or use crystal points in your environment, to both attract and dispense loving energy in you space. A rose quartz candle holder or lamp can be nourishing to the environment. Choose the method that speaks to you, always trusting your intuition!

     Rose quartz needs to be cleansed when you purchase it and periodically as it is used. Cleaning it more often, when it’s used for emotional healing. Rose quartz can be cleansed under running water, with sage or sage sprays, in a bowl of salt crystals or using cleansing stones such as selenite, citrine, or kyanite.

     To re-energize rose quartz, leave it in the moonlight overnight, as sunlight can cause the stone to fade. I learned this the hard way from my own experience.

     To end and emphasize my point, rose quartz vibrates with the most powerful force on earth...LOVE. It is a love that is capable of bringing greater happiness, restoring relationships and of healing all that it touches.  Who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life?


Rainee is a intuitive reader at East West Bookshop, available on Mondays from 10:30am-3pm. Rainee does "Twin Crystal Readings", Intuitive Readings, Akashic Records, Tarot,and Reiki. Call the bookshop to make an appointment 206 523 3726. CLICK HERE to view Rainee's profile on the East West website 


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