Intuitive Readers and Healers

Browse our listing of readers/healers below and click the "Schedule Appointment" button to pay and book your online session. Most of the consultants use Zoom or phone calls for their sessions at this time. Once you book, the consultant will get in touch with you directly with the info you'll need to meet including zoom link, etc.


Monday-Saturday 11am to 7pm
$30 for 15 minutes, $60 for 30 minutes, $120 for 60 minutes for Tarot. $30 for 15 minutes for Crystals.

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Are you looking for assistance in making choices that are based on being true to yourself?

Sometimes it's difficult to hear Spirit. There may be habits or fears clouding our judgement, preventing oneself from hearing past the stresses of life and the negative self-talk to the clear truth. I'm here to assist you in cutting through to your inner wisdom, the voice of Spirit. Tarot utilizes symbolic language and the archetypes to access the deeper psychic-spiritual dimension.

Think of your tarot reading as a facilitated conversation between yourself and Spirit, with the reader as a guide.

Crystal consultations draw from my 30 years working with crystals to formulate personal crystal prescriptions to complement your reading or your personal inner work. Crystals can be incredibly supportive spiritual talismans and reminders of the beauty of this world and our relationship to the wonders of nature.

All readings are conducted remotely at this time for the safety of ourselves and the community at large. I use Zoom but am open to other platforms of your choice.

Phone readings are an option if you prefer. 


Sundays 1-5pm
$95 hour + $50/30 min

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Jeanine has been doing Reiki on adults and children for years, both in English and in Spanish. Born in WA, she moved to Spain at a young age, where she lived for 17 yrs. During that time she was immersed in the Spanish culture and became very fluent in the language.

Living for an extended period of time in both Spanish and US cultures has taught her how to deal with many unexpected situations and how to understand people from all walks of life.

Reiki can help you dig as deep as you want to get rid of old baggage, or perhaps you just need some time to thoroughly relax and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

Let her help you replenish your old energy with fresh energy.

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Justin photo.jpeg__PID:ca852ea7-991b-4559-8b17-69d13966b894


Monday-Saturday 11 am to 7pm
60 min | $160
30 min | $80 

Justin is an Archetypal Jyotish Astrologer, Spiritualist Evidential Medium, Yoga/Meditation instructor, Buddhist, and Author. He combines both Western Ancient Astrology and Modern Psychological Astrology with Eastern Vedic Astrology.

He specializes in Predictive/Electional, and Karmic Astrology. His work with clients includes in-depth analysis of Natal Charts, Synastry (couples charts), Draconic Charts, and works with Progressions, Transits, and Planetary Returns. Using these he is able to link people together with their appropriate paths in life and what cycle they are in along with what is coming up in the future for them. With compassion he seeks to empower clients towards healing and helping them maximize their potential, while at the same time offering healing or remedial modalities for psychological mental health.

As a Certified Spiritualist Evidential Medium, Justin has always been interested in Life after Death from the time he was a little boy, and that is Spirits and what happens to us after we move on from this physical life. This interest has led him to a focus on communicating with Spirits and relaying messages to people from their loved ones who have moved on to the other side and spirit guides. Service to Spirit and helping heal relationships, which is the goal of Mediumship, across realities is part of his life purpose. He does individual Mediumship readings, conducts Seances, does house clearings, and more. Visit



15 min | $55
30 min | $95
45 min | $140
1 hour | $185

Mondays 7:30 am – noon
Tuesdays noon – 8 pm
Wednesdays 8 am- noon
Thursdays noon – 8 pm
Fridays noon - 3 pm
Saturdays 10 am – noon
Sundays 10 am – noon, 5-7 pm  

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A born medium with 40+ years professional experience, Deni Luna holds a master’s degree in Psychology and specializes in divination – giving practical advice from the higher realms. She is an intuitive coach and counselor with wide offerings (i.e. angelic messages, dreams & sub-conscious memories, Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, crystal ball, Lipsology, etc.) She remote views into distant locations and people, including friends and pets who have crossed over and sees into the Akashic records and your past lives. Lift yourself & feel divine in a unique reading involving techniques learned first-hand around the world.  


Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm

45 minutes - $75
60 minutes - $125
90 minutes - $150

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Receive a revitalizing and nurturing Reiki treatment/Intuitive Reiki/Intuitive Counseling session with Kelly Glab.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system where the practitioner channels Universal Life Force Energy, then offers it to the recipient for their Highest Potential and Healing. It can be used to heal people and animals, as well as to clear and bless homes. Reiki can also be sent to the recipient at a distance. Reiki heals for the Highest Good the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual levels of the energy field. Intuitive Reiki is deep process work and intention setting which is incorporated into the Reiki treatment. Intuitive Counseling can be helpful in establishing recommendations and a path forward that has heart, as well as clear direction, details, and boundaries in place to maintain a safe space of personal power. 


Sundays 2-5pm
90 minutes/$100

We live in a modern world which has largely abandoned any meaningful association with the natural world. The solar system itself is not regarded as part of
the “natural world”. The truth is all of life is part of a living solar system. Everyone is born because there a need for them to be here to further develop and evolve.

Astrology uses a unique set of symbols to tap into a kind of transcendental knowledge. I offer my clients solutions and advice based on that knowledge
helping them gain a wider and deeper understanding of their life and its purpose.

Astrology can thus help foster a mindfulness reducing stresses that have a negative effect on overall well-being.

I offer 45 years of practice and study with seminal thinkers such as Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmond Jones. I conduct seminars and classes with East West Bookshop in Seattle.


$100 hour
$150/ 90 minutes
$50/ 30 minutes

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Mimi Pettibone is the creator of The Dream Detective Podcast and the Enchanted Art Oracle Cards. She works with clients all over the world offering dream interpretation, tarot readings, spiritual coaching, and working with Divine guidance. Mimi is passionate about helping people access their deepest truths to uncover their authentic self, fulfill their life purpose, and have meaningful relationships with clear communication so they can live the life they were meant to live. Her understanding of symbolism, metaphor, and the human psyche combined with training in humanistic, social, and spiritual psychology contribute to all of her consultations. Mimi has had many spiritual, psychic, and paranormal experiences of her own, both in the dream state and in waking life. She listens to her dreams, intuition, and Divine guidance as her compass to navigate life, and would love to help you do the same. For more info on Mimi's work and the podcast, visit:


Friday April 29, 3-7:30pm
Saturday April 30, 11-4:30pm
Friday May 27, 11-4pm
Thursday June 30, 11-4pm
Thursday July 14, 11-4pm

$90/half hr, $162/hr., $222/1.5 hr. or $299/2 hrs.

As an intuitive coach, animal communicator, and medium for 20 years, Jane has worked with personal and business clients all over the world. With her automatic drawing technique, Jane draws renderings of people and places she has never seen from the client’s life, in an original art piece for clients to keep. In healing sessions she utilizes shamanic journeys: soul retrieval, ancestral lineage clearing, meeting your spirit guides, accessing your akashic records & past life contracts. These journeys help people move through old patterns and access valuable guidance. Jane is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to the sessions that leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen. She studied at The Rhode Island School of Design, with Lakota & plant medicine Shamans, Buddhist meditation teachers, and Jean Huston’s Mystery School. Jane has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali & Egypt. Her book Love Never Dies has won three awards and is translated into three languages.

Eastern and Western Astrology, I-Ching & Feng Shui

$110/hour or $60 for a 30 minute session
Thursdays 4-8pm and Sundays 12-6pm

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Andrea offers Zoom readings, phone readings, Skype and FaceTime readings. She offers Eastern and Western astrology, I-Ching and helps people with Feng Shui. She specializes in relationships, soul purpose astrology and astro-cartography/relocations.

Andrea Bruckner has been working with clients from all over the world for over 20 years. Andrea offers her clients a unique blend of Western and Chinese astrology to help them learn about themselves and create their unique life story.

Andrea’s focus is relationship astrology, relocation and soul astrology, and she also uses the I Ching to guide her during her readings. Andrea offers a warm and safe environment where she can help and inspire clients. She believes that together we all learn as we go.  

Psychic Tarot Cards, Akashic Records, Energy Reading, Aura Reading. Relationship, Career

15 min | $40
30 min | $70
60 min | $120

Mon-Wed: 1-4:40pm & 6-8pm
Thursday: 12-5pm
Friday: 4-6pm
Sat-Sun: 12-5pm

Are you looking for guidance in love or clarity in career and finances? Find the fulfillment you deserve and your ultimate life today! The focus of a reading with Bill is your personal and spiritual growth. Bill is an intuitive with a focus on psychic tarot, energy and Akashic Records readings.

He has 40 years background in metaphysical studies. A deep intuitive sense for building strong connections with others is one of Bills stronger attributes. He has a great deal of experience with a wide variety of people, including international clients. Bill reads “blind,” meaning he does not want to know anything about the client before an appointment. When you receive a reading from Bill you are not just getting information about your future. The readings help guide you toward answers you seek, methods to assist in breaking cycles of unwanted behavior and experience creating the future you deserve. What is coming up for you is largely in your own hands. You are intuitive in your own right and far more able to create your reality than you may be aware of right now.

Intuitive Tarot, Soul Journeys, Holistic Health Coaching, & Feng Shui Sessions

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30 minutes for $55 | 60 minutes $110 | 90 minutes $150
Feng Shui - 2hr Skype (or in-person during non-COVID times) $275-$375 depending on house
Sunday, Monday & Wednesday - 6-9pm
Tuesday 1-4pm

Aria Rose has over 20 years of experience in the intuitive spiritual realms and health coaching fields.
She has a masters in Nutrition, and is certified in; Feng Shui, Space clearing, Hypnotherapy, and is a Reiki Master.

She has Intuitive and Mediumship abilities. During her intuitive sessions she gets guidance from your guides and possible loved ones that have crossed over.

During her soul journeys she takes you on a guided visualization in which you obtain specific goals/intuitive advice from your higher self and your guides.

She also leads intuitive development circles.
She uses her intuitive abilities in all her sessions. 

Akashic Records

60 minutes – $150
45 minutes – $120
30 minutes – $90  

Wed. - 9:30a-6pm
Thurs. - 1pm-8pm
Fri. - 9:30a-6pm
Sat. - 10a-4pm

Wondering what your life looks like from your soul’s perspective? Curious about how your everyday situations fuel your spiritual growth? An Akashic Records reading offers the deeper answers you’ve been looking for. The Akashic Records are a spiritual dimension and an energetic record of all thoughts, feelings, and experiences across time and space. They are a gentle tool to support healing, transformation, and expression of your soul-level gifts. The deep wisdom and loving insights that flow from your Akashic Records can help you make the choices that are right for you, grow in the directions you wish, and let go of what no longer serves you. Maribeth’s clients describe her as a gifted Akashic Records intuitive. A natural empath, Maribeth acts as a witness and relays without judgment what is fundamental to you, in the moment, from your Akashic Records. Readings are done via Zoom. Based in Seattle, available worldwide.

New Being Hypnosis -
Hypnotherapy, Reiki for People & Pets, Psychic Place/Land Readings & Healings

Free Consults
Hypnotherapy or Reiki
$144/hr $222/90 min
Psychic Place Readings
$55/30 min or $88/hr

ELS Profile Photo for EW.jpeg__PID:5c5443a7-462a-49c4-ae9a-7f50699db5d1



30 MIN | $85
50 MIN | $125

Mondays Noon - 7pm
Fridays Noon - 7pm

Erin's focus is helping you understand the depths of yourself, the details of your life situations, and the ways back to your natural alignment and wholeness.

Astrological deep dives unveil with clarity your imprintings, patterns, and potentials. The wisdom of deep ecology, psychological understandings, and your soul’s distinct evolutionary trajectory inform the explorations. Your birth details, including the exact birth time, are required prior to our appointment (day, month, year, exact time, and place). Those can be submitted at this link.

Art channelings are also offered, and more information on those can be seen here. Erin's custom-created 144-card Siri deck is also available for clients as desired.

Palm readings, oracle cards, mediumship

Wed, Friday 12-6pm

15 min | $45
45 min | $135
1 hour | $180

Patricia- A Journey In Spiritual GuidanceFrom a young age, Patricia discovered her unique psychic gifts. Her life’s journey has taken her across the globe, enabling her to enrich the lives of a diverse clientele through her spiritual services.Her mission is steadfast: to serve as a conduit for spirit, channeling messages that foster the highest well-being of her clients. Patricia’s extensive training includes: •James Van Praagh School of Mediumship • Arthur Findlay College in England • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training • Life Coaching Certification • Mastery in ReikiPatricia’s spiritual toolkit is vast, encompassing palm readings, oracle card interpretations, mediumship, and psychometry. As a clear and compassionate channel, she offers insightful guidance in matters of love, business, and personal growth.Whether you have a specific query or seek deeper inner wisdom, Patricia is here to assist. In a world that’s constantly evolving, let Patricia’s warm and grounded presence be your beacon for spiritual clarity.For insights and guidance on your spiritual journey, reach out to Patricia.