Consultations with Rainee Osborn

Rainee Osborn - Reiki, Tarot and Crystal Readings at East West Bookshop
Jikiden Reiki, Animal Communication, Twin Crystal Readings, Vampire Tarot
Mondays, $120 hour, $60 half hour.
Call East West Bookshop at 206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 for available appointments.

Are you ready for something more from your life? 

Rainee is an empath and intuitive. She is passionate about connecting with you to assist you with self-empowerment, physical/emotional/spiritual healing and aligning with your purpose or life work. 
Rainee offers: 
Jikiden Reiki, a simple effective form of energy healing from Japan, that improves the body and mind. 
Animal Communication: Do you need clarity and understanding of your animal companions? Rainee is a powerful healer and effective communicator with animals. 
Twin Crystal Readings, the use of crystals creates a connection with you, that allows access to your Akashic records, to answer any questions you have about your past, present or future. 
Vampire Tarot comes for the Modern Mystery School lineage. The Modern Mystery School works in partnership with the 12 races on the plant. Each race has a gift or power that can be used to help create a better world. The Vampire gifts are blood healing (healing the blood), and brutal honesty, particularly when one needs to be honest with themselves. Vampire Tarot looks at all the seeds you have planted, everything you've thought, said or done up to now and shows you your current trajectory. 
Rainee's skills allow you the opportunity to make changes to consciously create the life you desire and be the pure essence you were born to be.