September 5th, 2024 - Thursday 5-6:30pm PT- What it Means to be an Aquarian Essene: Heart Friendship with Angels, Ascended Masters and other Divine Beings - with David Christopher Lewis - In-Person

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Hear David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author, speaking about the importance of establishing communities of light through active partnerships with Aquarian initiates. David’s books include Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy; Angels, Angels, Angels!; Advanced Studies of the Human Aura; Jesus’ Jewels of Joy; and his newest release, Joy on Your Inner Journey.

Expanding your auric field to assist planetary enlightenment
Modern-day alchemy for spiritual initiates
Emanation as a spiritual practice
Spiritual communities that work and last
The master-student relationship
Conscious language and non-violent communication
Heightened meditation for personal and planetary awakening
Engaging with the ascended masters and angels

David is an author, teacher, mystic, and gifted musical composer. He has been a
student of the ascended masters and the world’s major religions for five decades. He
began receiving telepathic communications from the ascended masters in June 2004,
and the next year David co-founded The Hearts Center Movement and Community.