September 16, 2023 - Saturday 10:30am-12pm PDT - Working with Kid's Energy: Helping Your Children Reach Their Potential - with Susans Usha Dermond - Webinar

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We all have hopes that our children will reach their highest potential and develop the skills to find success and happiness. When things do not go smoothly, too often we use reason and words to change kids' behavior; often this falls on deaf ears. Or if really exasperated, we may resort to threats!

There is a better way. Tuning into the energy behind behaviors will give us clues as to how to approach others most effectively and give them opportunities to change.

In this workshop we will discuss:

How to help kids "calm down"
The difference between excitement and happiness
How to help young people discover their own sources of inspiration
When rewards are okay and when they are not helpful
Understanding where we are on the continuum of development of true maturity

The contents of this class are based on the principles of Education for Life by Swami Kriyananda.

This webinar will be recorded and the replay link will be sent to all registrants following the workshop.

Learn more about and purchase Usha’s new book from Crystal Clarity Publishers in the link below:

Susan Usha Dermond, BA, MA, MLS, has a varied background in education, most of it in the
Education for Life system. She taught fourth through ninth grades at the first Living Wisdom
School at Ananda Village in northern California and founded the third Living Wisdom School in Portland, Oregon, where she was the director for fifteen years. She began her career as an
English teacher in public high schools and most recently taught high school English in the
Ananda Online High School. Susan’s book, Awake and Ready: How to Work with Energy to Motivate Anyone, was published by Crystal Clarity in August, 2023. She is also the author of Calm and Compassionate Children (Random House).