October 18, 2023 - CANCELED - Wednesday 5:30-7pm PDT - Living More Fully in the Shadow of Mortality - with James Hollis -Webinar

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This event has been canceled due to unforeseen events. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Join celebrated author and international authority on Jungian psychology, James Hollis, PhD. for this interactive webinar based on his most recent book, A Life of Meaning. This webinar will be recorded and a replay link will be sent to all registrants following the event.

Jung observed that “Life is a short pause between two great mysteries.” That fact is not in dispute; what matters then, is how we live that pause. E. M. Forster observed that the two who could most illumine us, the corpse and the baby, are not talking. Given that mortality frames our journey, how might we live it more fully, not defined by fear, morbidity, and denial? What attitudes and practices allow us to live more fully? And what psychological maturation bring us to experience this short pause as rich with meaning?

About the Book, A Life of Meaning:

A Masterful Author and Jungian Analyst Examines the Qualities That Bring Meaning to Our Human Journey.

What is it that brings meaning to your life? Our culture tells us to seek wealth, power, prestige, or even enrollment in someone else’s idea of a worthy cause―yet where do we turn when these paths fail to fulfill our need for purpose? “When the old stories and beliefs that once defined us have played out and grown exhausted,” teaches Dr. James Hollis, “our task is to access our inner compass, the promptings of the psyche that help us find our way through the complex thickets of choice.”

A Life of Meaning is Hollis’s profound exploration of the nature of meaning and how we can orient toward it or away from it with the choices we make. Hollis offers an examination of myth, literature, historical figures, and the wisdom of depth psychology that provides penetrating insight into the search for purpose. Join him to explore:

• How even cherished narratives splinter and lose potency over time
• Why dreams are windows into your internalized patterns and base assumptions
• How to excavate and understand your earliest, most foundational beliefs
• The power of fear and how it shapes unconscious reactions
• Recognizing and rising to the occasion of a “summons of the soul”
• How to anchor yourself during times of uncertainty and change
• Why it’s important to be aware of and closely examine your shadow
• How to reckon with old feelings of shame, betrayal, resentment, and regret

We all have to discover our own sense of meaning. No one else can do it for us. In
A Life of Meaning, Hollis offers no easy answers or feel-good certainties―instead, he shares his most valuable questions and reflections to help you find the courage, persistence, and inspiration to navigate your own odyssey. “It’s humbling work, this process of getting our lives back,” he teaches. “Yet I submit to you that’s worth the price of the ticket, for in the journey our lives become ever more luminous.”

James Hollis, PhD, is a Jungian analyst practicing in Washington, DC, and a bestselling author of many books, including Living Between Worlds, What Matters Most, and Living an Examined Life. He is a frequent public speaker on such subjects as the second half of life, aging, dreamwork, and the nature of personal growth. For more, visit jameshollis.net.