June 29th, 2024 - 5-6:30 PM PT - A Course in Miracles - Principles For Finding Meaning and Purpose in Everyday Life - Marguerite LaDue - In-Person

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We live in a time of great uncertainty. Fear, worry, stress, and unhappiness is a daily experience for far too many. How can we feel empowered to find a better way within the seeming chaos? How can we confidently navigate and love life's journey? Universal principles found in A Course in Miracles provide clarity and a pathway for a more inspired and fulfilling life. As a dedicated, life-long spiritual traveler, and forty-year student of A Course in Miracles, Marguerite found the "clarity in the chaos" she desperately sought. Her passion is sharing what she's learned with others so they can "suffer less and smile more."


Learn: Life is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice
How to make better, more informed and fulfilling choices
The direct correlation between your choices and your life experience


Marguerite retired in 2011 after thirty years with IBM, one of the world's largest information technology and business services providers. Executive leadership experience includes: domestic and international assignments; sales and marketing, finance, manufacturing and development operations; global and national industries. Marguerite earned a reputation for her creativity in tackling difficult and complex issues with innovative thinking and success in driving major business-transformation initiatives.

She applied this expertise to the non-profit environment and assisted two troubled organizations, serving the needs of at-risk youth, to transform into efficient, effective, thriving operations.

Marguerite's real passion, and current focus, is in supporting the transformation of individuals desiring more empowered, inspired, fulfilling lives.