June 21st, 2024 - Friday 5:30-7pm PDT Astrology for the Summer Solstice - with David Pond - Webinar

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We will explore the meaning of the Summer Solstice and what it portends for the remainder of the year, including the upcoming election. We will examine changes taking place in society and what we as individuals can do to help humanity rise up and save itself.


  • An appreciation for the meaning of the solstice.
  • How to best prepare for upcoming changes.
  • How one can contribute to the raising up of humanity.


David Pond is an astrologer, author, speaker, and workshop leader. David has a Master of Science degree in experimental metaphysics and has published 9 books on metaphysical topics, including Astrology and Relationships, Llewellyn’s Little Book of Meditation, Chakras for Beginners, Astrology and Relationships, and Chakras Beyond Beginners. David has practiced astrology for over 45 years and consults with clients, helping them work with their astrology to find meaningful and fulfilling lives and to strategize through times of transition. He lives in Olympia, Washington and can be found online at Davidpond.com.