July 12, 2023 - Wednesday 5:30-7pm PDT - Original Meditation Techniques - with Mandy Arwen

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In this online Workshop, participants will learn to do Mandy's original meditations - and start the process of creating your own. Topics during the workshop will include
PSYCHIC PROTECTION, best grounding routines, a cleaner and brighter aura, a stronger aura, activating for yourself a higher vibration, and awakening your third-eye which develops best intuition. New patterns will be established, and you will develop healthy habits and regiments.

This is an online event held via Zoom, not in-person. A recording will be made of the webinar. If you can't attend live, feel free to still register and we'll send you the replay link following the event.

You will learn how to:

Start to create your own, unique meditation regiment, customized to suit your own personality and vibration.

Learn a highly effective grounding technique.

Brighten and strengthen your aura.

About Mandy

Mandy is a first -generation Spirit Communicator and Soul Growth Instructor which began in 2005. Mandy is a prolific reader of spiritual texts, meditates and prays abundantly daily, communicates and channels Spirit and her pets throughout each day. Mandy conducts Aura Readings, Pet Communication and Deceased Loved Ones Communication Readings.
Mandy has education in the field of Shamanism, Hypnotherapy (including previous certification), Spirit Communication and Reiki Practices up to and including Level II.
Mandy is an author of her first book Golden Nuggets – Your Guide to Practical Spirituality which is available on Amazon.com.
Mandy has just completed her first Meditation CD “Wisdom for Life” in October 2022 which includes 5 fabulous visualization meditation tracks.
Mandy has 6 PODCASTS on YOUTUBE covering a number of Spiritual Topics.