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Now more than ever, we need your support to sustain our business during the financial impact of the novel coronavirus. If you are not able to shop at our store during this challenging time, please consider donating below. Thank you.

East West Bookshop is a Washington State nonprofit organization but it is NOT tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service because the sale of books and gifts is not, by itself, a charitable activity. In the same way, receiving benefits in return (discounts) disallows a potential deduction. Besides, with recent changes in federal tax laws, fewer individuals are able to have a tax benefit from their donations. If the tax-deductible aspect of your support for East West is important to you and you are willing to forgo the "perks," you can make a "restricted for East West" donation to "Ananda Seattle" because Ananda established East West to express its respect for all spiritual traditions and to give people of like-mind (staff) an opportunity to serve together (both are integral to Ananda's tax-exempt purpose). To donate, please go to this link: