Time to Reflect - by Jeanine Horton

by EW Staff

We are all connected to nature. I know this is a very common belief, but, why do we say that? I believe that all beings of nature, whether crystals, plants , animals or humans are spiritually connected.

They exude different energies which distinguish one from another, and if treated with care, such as being brought out to the moon light or held, dusted etc, their energetic power increases by leaps and bounds. We can benefit greatly from their powerful energy. I like to take my crystals outside and I put them on a table where they can receive moonlight. When it’s a full moon it is much stronger than when it is just plain moonlight. When I bring them in the next morning they are shining at least 10 times more than they were the day before. Also rainwater. The stones seem to really love being in rainwater although not all stones can be in water, for example selenite dissolves in it. Just holding a crystal according to your need at the time, will help you gain strength in that area. 

they are very susceptible to anger and affection. There are many studies that show that when a plant is in a harsh environment, with angry yelling and shouting or violent music and sounds, the plant deteriorates. When the plant is treated well, with affection, it doesn’t really need relaxing music but it helps if it gets it, the plant flourishes. I have helped many a plant that was not looking good, to turn around and produce beautiful flowers just by placing my hand on a leaf and saying kind words. Plants have a lifecycle just like animals and humans. They grow, they put out what they need to be fertile, they make seeds, reproduce and die. They exude oxygen and intake carbon dioxide, which helps other animals and humans. So plants and crystals are very helpful to all living beings. They are connected in at least one way because they both do better with positive energy given to them rather than negative. We help each other.

They have souls just like humans do. They feel pain and they feel joy. They too are connected to the energy of the plants and the stones or crystals and of course humans. My cat drank the water I left out next to my crystals. I saw him run around the house as if he were on drugs. He ran outside and in and out again and then came back in and I could hear him purring. It was very amazing. They bring us such companionship and joy, especially in times like these.

And now, people;
We all know we do much better when we are happier than when we are mad, and how just by putting out our positive or negative energy we can affect another person, being, plant, or crystal. So with All entities of nature being connected why can we not embrace our differences? How sad it would be if all people were exactly the same.

Perhaps this time of pandemic throughout the world is trying to teach us to stop! To take into account all that we are doing to the planet and all of its beings. As with every country in the world, we have all been forced to stop what we were doing and figure out a different way of doing it. There has to be a reason and a purpose for this.

I believe it is time to reflect and reconnect with nature and our guides, angels, higher selves, fairies... I believe that not living the way as we usually did is giving us the
opportunity to get back in touch with nature. So why not learn from this situation and help our planet and each other as best we can for the good of All?

Jeanine Horton is a Reiki Master at East West.  She is a regular participant at our psychic fairs and can be found at https://www.healingreikij.com/

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