The days leading up to this New Moon have been full of change. And indeed, change seems to be the name of the game for the next 28 days.

We’re dealing with a lot of discomfort right now. It’s never helpful to blame the planets -- that’s a surrender of power we cannot afford. It is helpful, however, to understand the ways they reflect what’s going on, connecting us to the archetypal realms which offer insight and guidance.

At the collective level, there are some things that are in massive dying processes right now. Distortions of power. Manipulations and exploitations of bodies and hearts. The veil is so thin we’re no longer able to pretend it’s even there. It can be pretty difficult to know how to breathe, let alone act, in that level of chaos.

Scorpio knows the way through, though. Scorpio is ferocity all grown up and made wild and fierce with remembrance of constant evolution.

In October of 2017, Jupiter entered Scorpio for its 13 month tour through the depths. Jupiter teaches us about truth, belief, intuition and expansion. In the sign of Scorpio, it can magnify fears and emotional residues, especially when it comes to themes of sex, power, death and anything hidden. This New Moon sees Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio, magnifying all we’ve learned in the past year.

Almost immediately after Jupiter went into Scorpio, we saw the Me Too movement take on new life, exposing the truth of sexual assault and misconduct. In Scorpionic times, so many things that were once hidden come to light. So much was revealed, so many distortions of power. All of it asking us to evolve our beliefs. So much of us bringing up eons worth of rage and anger.

So. Much. Rage.

That rage is up for transformation with this New Moon, but there’s so much more than that

We’re in like 20 different layers of underworld right now. Each year, the start of the Sun’s tour through Scorpio aligns with the transition from autumn to winter in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time of year associated with ancestors and ghosts and all those things that come back to haunt us..

Oftentimes, what haunts us is something that becomes unsettled in our unconscious, arising as emotional flare or deep depression. What haunts us can be our compulsions, our wounds, our fears. Karmic residues are swelling to the surface, so difficult to understand with the mind. So easy to project onto another. 

The emotion that arises in Scorpio is primal -- this is part of its Martian energy. In the Aries version of Mars, we have the instinctive, primal fiery energy of life in terms of our drive to exist. It’s the impulses that guide us through our early months. It’s an energy that ultimately has to do with the courage to be.

In the Scorpio version of Mars, the impulse brings the deepest undercurrents of our emotional bodies up from the depths, churning and swirling, so they can be transformed. Oftentimes, as with Aries Mars, we lack conscious understanding of what is going on. Alas, we evolve through the emotional body.

This transformation often feels like a kind of death. Like ego death. Contents we spend so much time and energy repressing come up to the surface, no longer able to stay hidden. Often those contents are thoughts and feelings that we find abhorrent, uncivilized, or just downright uncomfortable and contrary to who we think we are or should be. Without the grounding, orienting force of conscious understanding, we feel tossed into waves we have no control over.
But why do I feel this way? How do I stop it?

Sometimes with a lot of work and psychological insight, we can understand our own patterns enough to get some glimpse of these deeper processes and understand what’s going on.
We can’t always change the emotions, however. Sometimes we have to be in them and surrender to the process.

It’s Scorpio’s co-ruler, Pluto, that transforms those emotions. Whether we go into the process willingly or not. Change is inevitable. We will become someone new. The Plutonian energy seeks to help us evolve in ways that are more supportive of the desires of our soul, rather than ego.

This process can create war in our relationships. It can also create deeper communion.

We can become frozen, as an iceberg, where everything remains hidden below the surface. Our emotions can become like lava -- magma that has reached the surface, transforming the shape of our emotional and often physical lives. Liquid fire. Both frozen water and liquid fire are apt metaphors for Scorpio.

It is difficult to be in a releasing process that begins so far underneath the surface. It can be scary when our emotional bodies are compelled to spill contents. Uncomfortable. Overwhelming. When the darkness seems to be settling in so many ways, both personal and collective, we often squirm for stories that will help us to understand. We manipulate and lash out. We’ll do anything to try to feel more secure. We obsess. We attempt to possess and control.

Or...we allow the process to happen. The emotions. The emptying. The release. We recognize larger cycles and that emotions shift and change in time, and that the mythologies arise after the transformation, as we’re looking back at what we went through and understanding the truth that has emerged from the storm. That’s the Sagittarian process. That’s where Jupiter is heading today.

Scorpio is very much about the transformation of karma, and so much karma is being transformed all around us right now. Collectively speaking, we’re living in a time of incredible pain, but also incredible opportunity for growth and change. Scorpio is also where we face our attachments and the places where we’ve dug into relationships and beliefs that no longer work.

Scorpio speaks to the intensity of being repelled by that awareness at the same time as we’re attracted to it.

Scorpio is intense. It’s through these deep transformations that we arrive at the wisdom inherent in Sagittarius. Conscious awareness of the full, lived, conscious and emotional experience of being human.

The coming lunar cycle sees Jupiter switching signs, the ends of Venus’ and Neptune’s retrogrades, and a new Mercury retrograde.

It also coincides with the beginning of an 18 month transit of the nodes of the Moon through Cancer and Capricorn. The New Moon itself is receiving a trine from Neptune in Pisces, perhaps tempering the intensity of the lunation with compassion. That Piscean influence can bring bittersweetness as well, particularly with endings that seem painful yet necessary.

Just remember that everything, all we are, is connected to love even in times when that does not feel like it’s the case.

The coming lunar cycle, we rise into the process of seeing the truth of our own power. May it be bold, centered and full of grace. New Moon exact November 7 at 8:03am
16 degrees Scorpio

Amanda is an astrologer and soul worker who can be found online at www.aquarianspirals.com. Amanda does astrology and tarot readings on Thursdays at East West