Predicting the Unpredictable - by Deni Luna

by EW Staff

Could anyone have predicted 2020? Take heart.  Back in January, I moderated an impressive show of EW astrologers. Ray Couture, Justin Elzie, Raphael Fitch and Karen Wennerlind all have well-deserved national/international reputations. Now it’s July, and you are invited to another panel on July 11th. Going over the first six months of 2020, however, I’m astounded to see how so many of their forecasts came true. Here are highlights, in roughly chronological order.

TRUE – “Astrologically, Hygieia will play a greater role in human consciousness.” In astrology, when a planet is discovered, the nature of its identity has a strong impact on society. Along with other intuitive astrologers on the panel, I saw that Hygeia would play an expanded role in 2020. Hygeia represents hygiene, holistic healing and self-empowerment. Hygeia became identified as a dwarf planet, rather than an asteroid, just weeks before the first corona case was identified in a Wuhan hospital.

TRUE - Forecast: “2020 planetary emphasis in Capricorn focuses on true power. Capricorn rules the knees. We rise by bending our knees in humility," said EW astrologer Raphael as he knelt onstage at EW back in January. George Floyd died with a knee at his neck, swaying public opinion to his side. In addition, 2020 brought the right conditions to restore the public image of Colin Kaepernick. No longer was his stance of bending his knees controversial. In another oddly synchronistic gesture, Raphael intuitively began his January look-ahead with silence and one word, "Breathe,” which emerged as the single most powerful word in 2020.

TRUE – Forecast: “Based on his chart, watch Pete Buttigieg emerge as a surprise winner in the Iowa Caucus in the first quarter of 2020.” This was one of several accurate forecasts made by Justin Elzie based on upcoming Moon cycles and birth charts. As the New York Times reported in February:
How Pete Buttigieg Became the Surprise of the Iowa Caucuses

TRUE - Forecast: “A Change in the British monarchy in first quarter 2020.” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the monarchy. They first announced their transition from the monarchy on January 8. They wrapped up their last royal appearances in late March and announced their new titles and roles on April 1.

TRUE - Forecast: “Astrologically, we are dealing in 2020 with issues that were not resolved in 2015. And if we're not careful we will deal with them in 2024-2025.” So predicted astrologer Karen Wennerlind. So what were those unresolved issues in 2015?

     In 2015, Bill Gates made his famous TedX speech predicting a global pandemic, warning that we were unprepared.
     In 2015, Protests against police brutality began in earnest. As a result, Colin Kaepernick first took a knee in 2016.
     These cycles roughly coincide with Presidential elections as well.

TRUE - Forecast: “Financial upheaval in April.”
The corona virus fallout hit the financial market, causing upheaval and a record stock market plunge. The economy recorded steep unemployment, beginning in late March/April.

TRUE - Forecast: “Protests in April.”
People grew restless and protests began in April. Anti-mask protests started in Michigan in April, followed by George Floyd protests later in the spring.

TRUE - Forecast: “By May the Democratic Party will rally around one person.” This was accurate. By May, Bernie Sanders did quit the race (it was April) and Sanders backed Biden for the cause of party unity.

TRUE - Forecast: “Astrologically, the Sabian symbol for the Democratic convention indicates that the Democratic Party will have a minority of some kind on the Presidential ticket.” This particular Sabian symbol shows an Indian woman standing at her wedding and introducing a white man to her tribe. Although the Democratic convention hasn’t happened yet, the Democratic Presidential ticket will likely feature a white man along with his female running mate.

TRUE - Forecast: “We are learning to be more human, beyond our individual identities with race, gender, and other traits. We are facing our shadow selves and discovering that we are not treating each other and the Earth very humanely. The Age of Aquarius will further a group consciousness toward humanity – by advancing it through technology.” Ray Couture reminded us that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. The same planetary configurations of upheaval are back from prior times – from the Revolutionary War to Martin Luther tacking his proclamation on church doors. Prior revolutions under the same planetary configurations coincided with technology bringing news to the masses. Back then, it was the printing press. Today, it’s mass distribution of cell phones and computers that can break down authoritarian structures. Police brutality was exposed by a teenage girl who recorded the murder of George Floyd on her cell phone, allowing people to witness first-hand and identify with George Floyd on a human level. In addition, the coronavirus doesn’t recognize race or economic status.

What about the rest of 2020? Join us for our upcoming show “2020 Astro Reset.” We’ll look at the election, Constitution, pandemic, economy, social justice, law enforcement, rising new personalities and best advice to emerge strong. Come take a time out & reset! Despite the somber subject matter, we’ll emphasize positive wellness, transformation and uplifting spirituality. Once again, here are the details:

What: 2020 Astro Reset Panel
Who: Justin Elzie, Raphael, Ray Couture, Karen Wennerlind, Deni Luna
When: Saturday, July 11, 2020 10 am-noon
Where: EW via Zoom

Register online with this link

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