After multiple unsuccessful treatments by American doctors and therapists, would you instead trust a scalpel guided by the hand of a spirit? John of God is a man in rural Brazil who has healed thousands if not millions of people by channeling the power of benevolent spirits. In my small amount of research on the topic, I find people generally have three different reactions to the story of John of God. Most people are skeptical, and even after watching videos and testimonials, remain skeptical. Others believe he is channeling the devil, and still others wonder if they might benefit from seeing this remarkable man. But one thing we are all forced to agree on as simple fact: there is a lot of energy surrounding this man and his work, and it has led thousands of people to a healthier life. 

Of his miraculous work, John says, “I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.”

When he heals someone, John gives up his own consciousness and allows another healing spirit to take over his body and guide his hand. He has no medical training on his own and is guided entirely by the spirits that occupy his body. Some of the procedures he does are invisible – the spirits work directly with the energy of the person they are concentrating on and do not need any physical contact in order to affect their patient. This allows John to also offer ‘healing at a distance’, where he concentrates on a person and sends them healing energy even if they are in a different country.. 

Other procedures, however, are physical and intense; the type of work you would expect of a surgeon, except the patients are conscious and not given anesthetic. The reporters at ABC News described one of the procedures they witnessed: “…[he] took four-inch gauze-tipped steel forceps, dipped them in a solution he calls "holy water," and shoved the forceps all the way up a patient's nostril and twisted them violently. It took 45 seconds, and the patient left bleeding.” Despite the outward appearances of the procedures, most of his estimated 15 million patients describe their experiences as painless. He sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of patients a day, and makes diagnoses within a matter of seconds.

Many people who seek healing travel with guides who are approved by John of God to lead pilgrims on their journeys through Brazil. One of these guides is Kirtana Devi, who is based in Seattle. Jal, a friend of the bookstore who has visited John of God, had this to say: 

"I went to a Kirtana Devi presentation in winter of 2018. She is a lovely person and an excellent medium for the healing energy of John of God. Up until 6 years ago, I went to see John of God in Brazil once a year for 9 years. After the presentation with Kirtana Devi, I decided to return and did so this past June. 

Going to the healing center of John of God is an experience unlike any other. Extremely powerful. I received physical healings as well as help on emotional, spiritual and mental levels. It is not easy and not magic and definitely not for everyone. You have to be open to receive it. Most people go for 2 weeks, some for longer. If you cannot go to Brazil, you can receive distance healings by sending your picture. My 9 years of visits with John of God helped significantly in understanding, accepting and working with fundamental karmic life issues.” 

Though certainly miraculous, the work of John of God is too abundant to be swept under the rug as a ‘hoax’ or a fad. Having served literally millions of patients over more than 40 years, John of God has been tested and proved by many. The only to know what he is about for certain, however, would be to go to Brazil and see for yourself.

Kirtana Devi, one of John of God’s endorsed guides, will be coming to East West on Thursday, September 20th. She will be discussing the work of John of God and her personal experiences with him, and will guide a meditation in which she will call upon spirits to heal attendees. In line with John of God’s philosophy, the event is free.

Learn More About Kirtana Devi's Event at East West Bookshop Here.