Drinking Crystals - by Jeanine Horton

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Besides holding your stone of preference and meditating with it, or sleeping with it under your pillow, you can also receive a stone’s properties by making gem water and drinking it. The first time I made my gemstone water, my intention was to be able to focus and communicate very well. I was preparing for a particularly intense job I had the next day. It was such an amazing experience! After I drank it I felt like I had a shot of instant energy. I was super focused and could communicate perfectly. The feeling lasted all day long. Now I drink gem water whenever I want an extra boost.

Making Gem Water

1. Gem water is basically water that has been infused with the gemstone of your choice for your specific intention. Rather than putting the stone in the water and leaving it overnight, I prefer to not immerse the stone at all. Some stones dissolve in water after time, such as selenite, so by keeping the stone out of the water you avoid getting all the possible toxins that may be on the stone.

2. To infuse the water, get a stretchy bracelet of the stone you choose and put it around a glass water container. You can find stretchy gemstone bracelets at most gem shops. I know the East West Bookshop has them.  

3. Don’t forget to state your intention before leaving your container out overnight. You can leave it inside or outside.

4. If you want to make it even more powerful, leave the glass container where it can be touched by moonlight.

5. Drink the water when you get up the next morning. Or, you can keep the charged water in the fridge for a few days too.

Every stone has its own energetic function: I use fluorite if I want to focus more, hematite when I just want to be calm and relieve stress, and clear quartz when I want to intensify my intention. Those are just a few examples. But remember to state your intention when you prepare your water. You can also do a combination of different bracelets instead of just one.

Have fun experimenting!


Jeanine is a Reiki healer at East West.  She holds appointments on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.  Walk-ins are welcome.

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