I always knew I was Healer. For a long time I could feel that there was something inside me telling me to let it surface. This feeling grew stronger and stronger until I received my first Reiki. I felt like my soul was trying to burst out of me. I saw beautiful images like kaleidoscopes of colors. My energy was doing all kinds of leaps and swirls. I was elated! With time and practice, and an excellent Reiki mentor, I became a Reiki Master. I was very amazed at how much I could help people heal with their permission. I finally was doing what I was meant to do! It was a feeling I had inside for as long as I can remember, but I just did not know how to access my gift.

I figured I would have to make a big decision and choose between the court interpreting world where I have worked for a very long time and the healing world. It was troubling me so much that my solution came to me in a dream. I tend to dream both in black / white and in color.

In my dream I found myself between two big and very different hills. There were attorneys and court people on the one hill that had a very serious feeling to it. It was grey, gravelly and dry with large stones protruding from it. The other hill was very close to it. It was very colorful and full of vegetation. I saw an older man walking slowly with a cane. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I asked him, “Where am I ?” He said, “Well, you asked for help with how to make your choice. So think about it, look around and try to climb to the top of the hill you like best. Whichever one you can climb all the way to the top will show you which one you really want to live in.”

I could not decide. I was very familiar with both. I said “ I want to be in both!” He said “Then climb them both. If you can make it to the top of both at the same time, then that is your answer. If you only make it up one, then you know your choice.” I took a deep breath and climbed with left hand and foot on the edge of one world and my right side on the other. Then I started pulling myself up. I grabbed into the rocks on the one and the plants on the other. I kept holding on to both sides and pulled myself all the way up to the top. I felt like a human zipper keeping both together as I went. I realized that I did not have to choose, That I really wanted to be in both worlds. I can be a healer/ helper in both worlds, just in different ways.

So now, I continue with my court work, interpreting mainly for victims and witnesses, and I am at the EastWest Bookshop doing Reiki sessions with crystals and tuning forks per clients’ preferences, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday a month.