Coventry Candle Magic for October 2019: How to get through October with a sulking Venus

October 03, 2019

Coventry Candle Magic for October 2019: How to get through October with a sulking Venus

Blog re-posted with permission from Coventry Creations by Patty Shaw

This month your choices matter. So make them wisely. Your relationships are in the hands of a sulking Venus.

Libra is considered the signs of relationships and in every practical sense it is. Although pop astrology tends to focus on love relationships, the sign of the scales governs all relationships, even relationships with our enemies. But what is the undercurrent of Libra?

In Greek Mythology, there is an amazing story called ‘The Judgment of Paris’. It’s about a young shepherd boy named Paris, who is randomly chosen by Zeus to judge who was the most beautiful Olympian Goddess. The contestants were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Each of the three goddess’s bribe Paris based upon their divine attributes. Hera offers Paris world domination. Athena offers him a strategy in war. Aphrodite simply drops her magic girdle and offers Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. Of course, since Paris is a young man ruled by hormones and without worldly sophistication, he chooses Aphrodite and is given Helen of Troy as his prize.

The Judgment of Paris is not about love despite its surface level storyline. In fact, Paris’ prize, Helen of Troy, was already married and the result of their illicit affair caused the Trojan War. So, the story is really about choices, and on its deepest level, so is the sign of Libra. This month your choices matter. So, be careful and make them wisely.

October’s broad strokes are, the Sun will be challenged by three planets, Saturn (October 7th), Pluto (October 14th) and Uranus (October 28th). All three of these planets will put pressure on our day-to-day lives, specifically in career and relationships. We recommend Uncrossing Hoo Doo, and Tornado Alley Wicked Witch Mojo candles. Keep at least one on hand just in case you need to untangle a dicey situation. Then, get out your Van Van Hoo Doo candles because you will need them from October 11th when Mercury goes into shadow and then retrograde on the 30th. The Van Van candle is excellent in reverting bad energy back into happy energy.

Our friend Mercury spends the entire month in Scorpio and as much as that sounds scary, it allows you to dig into the deepest parts of your life. That will help you figure out which areas need tweaks and which areas need a full transformation. All of this will be enhanced when Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween. Boo!

Venus moves through Scorpio for most of the month and may leave you feeling controlled or manipulated in your relationships. Or you may feel the need to be controlling. Either way, stand in your own personal power and seek clarity and balance. A great way to do that is with [a candle that represents the third chakra for empowerment] We also suggest the Goddess Affirmation candle for guidance of a higher nature. Don’t ask Hera, Athena or Aphrodite though. Just kidding.

Mars spends the month in Libra, the sign of its detriment. Ah fun times with warrior energy in your relationships. Let out the aggression on the court or in the field or intimately. Make sure you match the correct activity with the appropriate relationship. Neither of those an option? Then use some self-control on those reactive impulses for heaven's sake. Get some stability with our Stability Blessed Herbal candle.

Let’s break it down

In the beginning of the month, relationships and finances may need a rescue as Venus forms a frustrating square on October 1. She’s going to rip the blinders off of repressed difficult and tense emotions. If you’re not surprised, at least act it. It will keep you out of trouble. Sadly, in work situations you may feel financially dominated by others. Dust off your negotiation skills and make ‘em work for that domination. Mercury opposes Uranus (October 7th) and your mind will be in overdrive. To avoid over talking, talking over or hogging the limelight, put a timer on your tongue. That too will keep you out of trouble this month. We recommend one of our protection candles, like, Fiery Wall Hoo Doo or Protection Blessed Herbal candles.

Mid-month, specifically on October 12th, Venus opposes Uranus, and this is a classic break-up aspect. You may need magic for improving relationships and grief magic in case one comes to an end. We’ve got several candles, oils and sprays to choose from depending on your situation. To strengthen your marriage, Adam and Eve Hoo Doo candle and plans for date night with a lovely heart to heart. To manage your heartbreak, and we are truly sorry, Grief Affirmation candle, some comfort food and invite a good friend over to watch a movie.

Towards the end of the month, Mars will form difficult aspects to frustrating and limiting Saturn, which makes you feel like you are driving with the brakes on. But there is a ray of light as Venus and Mars move into mutual reception status, so no matter how difficult things get there is always a way out if you are willing to look for it. We recommend Road Opener Hoo Doo or Out of My Way Wicked Witch Mojo candles to deal with Mars energy. The rest of the month, Mercury forms positive aspects to Saturn, Pluto, and Venus, which is great to get projects done, transform yourself, and build positive bridges with others. Reminder, Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween.


Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives. Meet Storm at www.stormcestavani.com.
For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology. A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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