The Dream Detective Blog: Dreams of Finding Treasure

by EW Staff December 20, 2016

The Dream Detective Blog: Dreams of Finding Treasure

The Dream Detective Blog

by Mimi Pettibone

Dreams of Finding Treasure

Dreams of finding treasure can come in many variations. Discovering magical objects, unearthing buried treasure from the sand, finding money, and reconnecting with objects from our past are a few examples of how this dream may play out. The key to understanding the meaning of this dream theme is to look at what is being discovered, and what it represents to the dreamer.

We might dream of things from our past that we loved, prized possessions, sentimental objects, or even things we wish for. The discovered objects are usually metaphors for parts of the self that we either lost touch with, or are discovering for the first time (even though they have really been there all along). Things that are physically buried in a dream can represent talents, abilities, and aspects of our self that we had to ‘bury’ to go along in life. Sometimes we give up a part of our self to survive because it was not OK to be that way, or we may do it in order to let another part be fulfilled.

For example, if a person wanted to be a musician but they had children and pursued a day job to pay the bills, they may have given up their creative side to let their ‘family’ side become realized. And that is OK, because there is a part of them for which having a family is very important as well. But at some point the energy we pushed to the back burner will give us signals that it is ready to come forward and be expressed. Our soul’s calling, talents, and abilities, do not like to lie dormant forever so they will let us know when it is time to do something about it. Whether we reconnect with that energy in the same form, or in a different form but of the same essence, the important thing is to do it in a way that suits the dreamer at the time.

When this dream theme shows objects from the past that we loved, it can be helpful to look at what the objects symbolized for us. Ask yourself: What was going on at that time in my life? Was I happy? What was I doing, and what was important to me at the time? These can all be significant questions to uncover what it is that we are either beginning, or longing, to connect with.

Finding treasure is a common dream theme for artists of all types: musicians, painters, writers, and also spiritual practitioners and healers. The dream may come when a person is in the process of connecting to their gift. For example, when an artist is creating, their art may translate to a symbol of treasure or a special object in the dream. A writer had a recurring dream that he found a treasure box full of gold, and he notice that the dream happened every time he came up with a new book idea. Sometimes it’s a reminder of what we need to do, and other times it is a reflection of what we are already doing. If it is a recurring dream theme, look at what is going on at the time you have the dream, and what is the common factor that comes up each time it occurs.

Dreams of finding money may have to do with discovering your self worth and value, not in fiscal terms but as a human being.  Self esteem can translate into money in dreams, as it is a symbol we use to represent value. During times of high self esteem we may have dreams of finding money. Periods of lower self esteem, or transition (which involves a loss or an ending followed by a new beginning), may bring dreams of losing money as a reflection of the sense of loss of one’s prior identity. Sometimes when people give up a role in life where they felt valued, they may dream of losing their purse or wallet. But we are not our roles, we are spiritual beings who have this gold within us always, regardless of the role we are currently playing. If we are not tapped into the gold we will feel a sense of loss, but when we are it feels wonderful. Our dreams remind us of how important it is to connect with the energy that fulfils our soul.

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