Rainbow Obsidian

by Rainee Osborn

Rainbow obsidian is a powerfully protective stone. It brings repressed memories to the surface and draws them out at a cellular level, so they don’t manifest as physical disease. It cuts cords of old relationships and assists us in letting go of genetic patterns that don’t serve us. By absorbing negative energy, emotions, fears and stress, rainbow obsidian creates an alchemical change in the body that allows one to freely move forward, unencumbered. Rainbow obsidian cleanses all our chakras, of blocks to the light, relieving mood swings, depression and rejuvenating the heart after emotional traumas. This clearing brings hope, increases optimism and a willingness to engage with life.   

The love and light rainbow obsidian brings in can feel like the fire of sunshine. This fire realigns us with our spiritual nature, the truth of who we are.

I really put this stone to the test. I had a rainbow obsidian with me in the hospital, prior to major surgery. I used it to help me release all my fears about surgery and what might be going on in my body. I got more than I bargained for. Not only did I go into surgery fear free, all kinds of repressed memories and relationships from childhood were brought to my attention for release. 

As I worked my way through everything it brought up, I knew, letting go of these events and patterns of relating were part of my healing process. With the help of rainbow obsidian I found myself free of the dis-ease that created the need for surgery in the first place. I stepped forward freer, brighter, filled with light, ready to engage with the next phase of my soul’s journey.

Rainee is an intuitive reader at East West.  She is at the store from 11-3:30 on Wednesdays and specializes in accessing the Akashic records. To make an appointment, call the store at 206.523.372

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  • Karen PolanchekJul 21, 2019

    Great post, thank you Rainee. Looking forward to picking one up.

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