September 6th, 2024 - Friday 6-7:30 PDT - Free Intro to Healing The Original Wound - With Dave Markowitz - In-Person

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Join Dave as he introduces us to the OW (Original Wounds) that we experience in the first few years of life that have life-long negative effects on our health, our ability to love, and our connection with Source. Through thoughtful analysis and compassionate healing, we can address and heal these wounds so that we can be free of the conditioned ways of being, opening our minds and hearts in the process so that we can love more fully and be who were meant to be. Dave is a 2x bestselling author, intuitive healing facilitator, guide, and a faculty teacher at The Shift Network. He’s endorsed by Lee Harris and more, and has shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra.

Take Aways:

-learn that there are answers to your health challenges
-experience a healing meditation
-be among like minds and hearts


Dave Markowitz has been called The Empath Guy, as he was on the forefront of bringing actionable healing tools specifically for empaths and highly sensitive persons (HSPs) to those who could not find help elsewhere. His self-published book, Self-Care for the Self-Aware was in Amazon’s Top 20 for 41 consecutive months. His newer work expands upon those concepts and can be applied by anyone to attain vibrant health, deeper love, and a reconnection with Source.