September 30, 2018 - Sunday 1-3pm - Workshop: Going from Head to Heart to Access Your Own Connectivity - with Louise Hauck

Join Louise Hauck in this workshop to learn how to go from head to heart and communicate with the higher self of others, and access highly intuitive, multi-dimensional information for yourself and others!

Louise Hauck enjoys showing others how to increase their own personal connectivity. She will share recent findings involving remote viewing (transmitting images telepathically), time travel, soul-to-soul telepathic communication, and connecting with loved ones (in the non-physical) — those challenged with the effects of dementia, autism, coma, stroke— and those in the non-physical dimension. 

While demonstrating her own gift of 'sight', she will position you to receive highly intuitive information. You'll learn to expand and utilize your own natural abilities in ways that empower and improve your life.

Louise will take you through exercises to help you: 
• Out-smart the doubting, rational mind 

• Learn what takes you out of alignment, and how to get back in. 

• Learn higher self communication for mediation and conflict resolution. 

Saturday night event free with this workshop ($45)

Main Hall

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