September 30, 2017 - Saturday, 7-8:30pm - The Power of Naming - with Melanie DewBerry

Melanie DewBerry leads you on a deep, but essential, dive in to knowing your Soul's name, and true identity. 

Who are you really? This is my central question. Without the authority or permission of labels such as finances, titles, roles, gender, weight, race and age; who are you truly?
We each need to know our own soul's gravitas of who we are.You have indigenous wisdom and medicine within. Medicine for your own healing and wisdom for your own self knowing.

Melanie DewBerry, has worked in spirituality for over twenty years. Her work was nurtured by her Native American elders. She has spoken at TEDx in Austria and Canada. She co-found a coaching Magazine, choice, and wrote the Soul of Coaching column. She works one on one in person in New Mexico with clients.

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