September 30, 2017 - Saturday, 10:30a-3:00pm - Animals, Angels, Nature and Ancestors - with Dr. Steven Farmer

This advanced course with Dr. Steven Farmer,  offers an intense opportunity to deepen your communication with Spirit, release emotions and patterns which no longer serve you and enhance your daily life by using simple but powerful tools and rituals.

Here’s an opportunity to fine tune your deep listening skills and learn how to receive consistent guidance from the visible and non-visible world. You already have the innate capacity to do so, yet most likely have inhibited and suppressed these gifts due to fear and societal pressures. Now more than ever it’s critical that you continue to open yourself to Spirit’s guidance, in whatever way it presents itself.

With the dramatic changes occurring in the Earth and in human consciousness, we are living in the midst of a major evolutionary phase that requires us to make adaptations, sometimes very quickly, and to make ourselves open to the messages that are abundantly available. It’s even more critical during the coming years to listen to and heed this guidance no matter the source, including those from the natural world as well as those from ordinarily non-visible realms.

         Dr. Farmer, internationally renowned author, psychospiritual healer and shaman, will show how you can readily connect with and receive the messages and signs that present themselves and how to interpret those messages, whether from spirit animals, angels, nature, or ancestors. He’ll also give a few random readings using his Power Animals, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides, and Earth Magic® oracle cards, demonstrating how to use these tools as a way to find guidance for your questions and concerns. He’ll also facilitate a group healing ceremony for those who wish to participate. 

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