September 29, 2018 - Saturday 7-9pm - Consciousness and Connectivity — Soul-to-Soul Communication - with Louise Hauck

Louise Hauck is a ‘time-traveling’ intuitive spiritual counselor who has a lot to say about the use of telepathy, and how it's possible to communicate with the higher self of those who are unable to communicate verbally — those suffering the effects of dementia, stroke and coma — and with the higher self of friends and relatives, employers, ex-partners, pets, and all of nature. 

She is also passionate about giving evidence of our ever-present connectivity to unconditionally loving, higher energies that include the Angelic realm and the Elemental world, to certain religious icons, and to loved ones in the ‘non-physical.' 
Come hear Louise discuss — and demonstrate — her ability to 'transmit' telepathically with higher selves of others, and ‘piggyback’ on another’s frequency to go anywhere in time.

The Saturday event is $25, but is free if you purchase the Sunday event ticket, which is $45: Workshop: Going from Head to Heart to Access Your Own Connectivity.  Louise is also hosting an event on Tuesday, October 2nd (Soul-to-Soul Telepathic Communication for Those with Dementia). 

Louise is the author of Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, and Streaming Consciousness.

Her work has been endorsed by Gary Zukav (Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Seat of the Soul), Peter Russell (Global Brain, From Science to God), and Dr.Larry Dossey, (Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine).


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