September 29, 2018 - Saturday 1-3:30pm - Chakras: Reprogramming Our Karmic Software - with Devaki Soupios & Suryadas Holliman

In this class with Devaki Soupios and Suryadas Holliman you will learn and practice psychological attributes of each of the 7 chakras, both positive & negative.

The “Chakras” are doorways to the inner, subtle world of our higher, divine consciousness.

In this course with Devaki Soupios and Suryadas Holliman, we will learn and practice:
• Psychological attributes, both positive & negative, of each of the 7 chakras
• Where to direct the energy of each chakra
• Adding chakra meditation to your daily routine
• Lower 3 chakras vs. Upper 3 chakras!
• Toning at the chakras to energize them

$30/workshop; $15/yoga; $35/both

Main Hall

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