September 27, 2028 - Wednesday 6-7:45pm - Singing Bowl Yoga & Sound Bath - with Shae Windsong and Maria Ayanna

Heal, renew, and prepare for Autumn with an energy healing restorative yoga and sound bath experience with Maria Nunez and Shaefeather Windsong! 

After a long summer with 6 planets in retrograde and 3 eclipses, Maria Nunez and Shae Windsong  bring you a restorative yoga and sound healing class to help refresh, renew and prepare you for the Autumn season. Tonight's class will also be riding the wave of energy from the Fall Equinox, from September 22nd, and the Full Moon from September 24th. Tonight's yoga poses, energy medicine practices, and bowl techniques are designed to help you recover & renew from these last few months, to ease you into the energy of the Autumn season, and to strengthen, balance and align your body's energy systems. We will be mainly focusing on the meridians, chakras, aura, and elements.

Autumn Singing Bowl Yoga is a restorative and gentle yoga class with Tibetan singing bowls being played throughout the routine. This class also includes a 30-minute singing bowl concert at the end for deep relaxation. Bring your mat and any blankets/pillows for the sound bath. The seven-metal singing bowls work directly with the chakras and your energy systems to help deepen the healing of the body. The Energy Medicine techniques in tonight's class are from Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, and Lauren Walker, founder of Energy Medicine Yoga. 

Let the waves of vibration wash over you and bring forth your best self this Fall! This class is co-taught by Acupuncturist & certified Sound healer, Maria Nunez, and Shaefeather Windsong, RYT & Certified Energy Medicine Yoga instructor.

Crystals & Essential oils are provided, feel free to bring your own crystals (make sure your crystals are cleared before bringing them).


Shae's Energy Medicine Yoga classes are regularly the last Wednesday of the month, 7:30-9pm at East West Bookshop in Seattle. Shae also teaches Ananda Yoga every Wednesday night at 6pm. For more info, visit her website:

Maria Nunez holds regular Singing Bowl classes, private healing bowl sessions, and Singing Bowl sound bath concerts at East West Bookshop. Visit the East West events listing for her upcoming events

Class is limited to 20 participants.

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