September 19, 2018 - Wednesday, 7:30-9pm - Experience Reiki TUMMO with Dmitry Levin and Lubov Skurina

Please join us to experience Reiki TUMMO and enjoy a relaxing evening. FREE!

You will learn how to connect to your spiritual heart through Open Heart Meditation and receive a group Reiki TUMMO healing.

This Meetup is FREE.

• Helps to relax & reduce stress
• Connect & strengthen your heart
• Clear negativities & emotional baggage to lighten your heart
• Become heart centered and enjoy peace and joy from within
• Cleanses the body, chakras & energy channels
• Increases your energy
• Raises your awareness

• Introductions and explanation of Reiki TUMMO & the Spiritual Heart
• Heart Strengthening technique (group guiding)
• Open Heart Meditation
• Group healing with Reiki TUMMO

For more info on Reiki TUMMO, please visit:

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