September 16, 2017 - Saturday 9-5pm & Sunday 1:30-5:30pm - Bringing the Holy to Life Weekend - with Jean Houston

Co-Sponsored by Center for Spiritual Living and East West Bookshop. Event held OFF-SITE at Center for Spiritual Living 5801 Sandpoint Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

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"Holy Darkness, Holy Light" Workshop on Saturday 9-5:30pm (Lunch at 12:30-2pm):

Darkness has many names; it is seldom called “holy.” In her work in 109 countries and 40 cultures, Dr. Jean Houston, philosopher, author, scholar, and consultant to the United Nations has witnessed the significant patterns that precede and influence personal and social change. Over two highly charged days of talks, processes, and interaction, she demonstrates the conscious qualities of Dark and Light. She teaches how together these qualities create a radical environment for the emergence of new relationships to our purpose, our Spirit, each other, and our earth.

Seen from this new perspective, the Darkness becomes the womb, and from it comes the Holy Child, the Regenesis, and the possibilities yearning to be born. In this powerful workshop, you will be taken into the parallel worlds where myths mirror reality, and discover the New Story waiting to move through your voice and actions.

You will leave this powerful time together with awareness that your surface self is no longer the center of the equation, and meet the many aspects of your Self that create your reality and future.

Bringing the "Holy" to Life on Sunday 1:30-5:30pm:

Why is it so difficult to stay in the zone of generous inclusion when your buttons are being pushed? Perhaps it’s because the stakes are higher than ever before. In this inspirational workshop, Dr. Jean Houston teaches well-tested, practical processes for bridging the “Holy Self” with the challenging world you inhabit.

Drawing from spiritual practices from many cultures, she teaches how to strengthen your spirit, increase your creativity and resilience, and move backward and forward through time to influence situations that have shaped your reactions to your world. This afternoon is a virtual feast of practices devoted to enhancing your ability to respond with courage, insight, compassion, and wisdom even in the most challenging of situations.

You will journey to your depths to discover what you truly stand for, what defines your purpose, and how to embody and honor these values with integrity, understanding, effectiveness, and confidence.

Bringing the “Holy” to Life is included in your weekend workshop registration.


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