September 16, 2017 - Saturday 11am-3pm - Break the Mold - Family Pattern & Karma - with Rev Elizabeth Borges

Steps to spiritually heal the DNA, genomes, ancestral imprinted memories therefore creating a healthier self with Rev. Elizabeth Borges.

Here you will learn how is possible to change dysfunctional patterns which possibly are preventing you from achieving the success you would like.  
Break the Mold explains how Family Patterns and Family Karma form within the family line.  
We must be aware of: 
• Ego vs Soul
• Different types of Karma, from personal, family, and collective. 
• A deeper explanation about the family patterns, which she believes is now in the DNA or Genome of a person.  
Contrary to some beliefs, Rev. Borges contends it is possible to change dysfunctional patterns.
Also, she shows step by step how to change these patterns through a series of exercises and prayers. 
A true road to success is paved with happiness, joy and peace.

Main Hall

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