September 14, 2018 - Friday 7-8:30pm - The Power of "What If?" - with Marie Manuchehri

Join Marie Manuchehri to learn more about the power of "What If" questions.

The direction of the energy in your mind is truly important. Words that we say to ourselves and out loud matter. When we speak, the fifth chakra's vibration sends energy toward the thing(s) in the universe that match the vibration of the words spoken.

Affirmations have long been hailed as the perfect bridge between our human energy system and the world of co-creation. However, Marie Manuchehri believes that affirmations only work when a belief system exists that supports the language used. When this is not aligned, it may take years before an affirmation takes effect.

A curious, positive What If question does not require a supporting belief and can work quickly to accelerate your alignment to your desires! Join Marie for this 90-minute course to find out how to use this easy and amazing tool!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Saturday's event!

$30 for Friday event or $120 for both Friday and Saturday events

Main Hall

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