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September 13, 2019 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking - with Colby Wilk

Learn how to sense and direct your psychic anatomy to instantly upgrade your thinking, mood and circumstances.

You know that it is important to think positive, but sometimes you cannot shift your thinking.  Your mind focuses on the negative, impacting your mood, actions and your ability to manifest.  In this highly interactive workshop, with Colby Wilk, Psychic Embodiment Healer and former negative thinker, learn how to shift your thinking instantly by using your energetic field to raise your consciousness.

Colby Wilk customizes his classes to meet the needs of participants In past, "Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking" workshops Colby has taught how to: 

-Deepen your vibration by visiting your Nest, a place that always feels safe and secure. 
-Gain and feel the support of your helpers and receive guidance
-Become a match to your desire and increase your ability to receive
-Learn how to sense and direct your energy field to immediately adjust your attitude, mood, and perspective.
-Learn how to operate your psychic anatomy to deepen your connection with the Earth.
-Be blessed by the "Mother of the World", and receive a template to navigate your everyday reality.
-Drop "below thought," and know a peace that even long-time meditators rarely experience.
-Learn to recognize your own "signature frequency", and never lose yourself in a relationship again.
-Learn to untether yourself from unhealthy relationships by directing your energy field.
-Open to greater prosperity by talking into the "Everything."

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