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September 13, 2019 - Friday 1:30-6pm - Progressing in Life - with ATMA NAMBI (Master of Self-Knowing)

Progressing in life with ATMA NAMBI - An opportunity to know the independent peacefulness and joyfulness of Life.

People are in search of entertainment to forget their worries. It’s a kind of dependency. Here is an opportunity to know the independent peacefulness and joyfulness. You are most welcome to experience this in the events. The workshop and the private session take you to live a free life of independence. 

The events offer a unique experience of Atma Nambi (master of self-knowing) who inspires in approaches that leads to a conscious lifestyle. Since becoming self-realized 24 years ago in his home country, Tamil Nadu India, Atma has been invited to much of the world to share what he lives, a complete and peaceful life 24 hours a day. 

Welcome to Friday; Personal Sessions with unique guidance, healing and techniques solving the issues from the root and to Saturday; Workshop for deepening Presence and powerful up to date techniques.

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