September 09, 2017 - Saturday, 10:30am-1pm - When the Levee Breaks; Healing emotional obstruction through the power of water - with Maja D'Aoust

Join Maja D'Aoust, White Witch of the West, for a water ritual for clearing emotional dams & blockages, to restore flow in your fountain of life; the Heart. 

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Join Maja D'Aoust White Witch for this group ritual focused on movement of emotional energy through the use of sympathetic magic.  Participants will engage in an external action aimed at an internal reflection of this act through intention.  Emotional energy pools and congeals into swamps when not circulated and one way we can improve our health and well-being is to involve ourselves in activities that move this energy to prevent stagnation in our internal and external environments.  Break free from holding patterns through the ritualistic removal of barriers which prevent flow.  Learn a simple technique in order to keep moving through the ebb and flow of emotional tides that pass through our hearts.

Main Hall

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