September 09, 2017 - Saturday 10:30am-12pm - Authentic Relating: Circling, a Social Meditation - with Laureli Shimayo

Join Laureli Shimayo to expand your skillfulness with showing up authentically by experiencing the meditation practice of connection. 

Join Laureli Shimayo and learn about Circling, a practice of authentic relating. It’s meditative in that we pay exquisite attention – to our selves, others, and what’s happening between us.

We’ll start sitting in a circle and be present with one another, sharing what we experience now in the present moment, listening curiously, receiving others, and also sharing impact. Circling invites full body awareness, appreciation, acceptance, intimacy, openness and exploration.

Five principles of Circling are: commit to connection, own your experience, stay with sensation, trust what arises, and explore being with others in their world.

Circling is a way of being. It’s a great way to practice and grow our skills and also a great way to deeply experience the joy of being alive and connected.


Healing Room - Limited to seven participants

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