September 09, 2017 - Saturday 1:30-3pm - White Witch Tarot - with Maja D'Aoust

Maja D'Aoust, the White Witch of the West, leads an Alchemical Tarot workshop, using a psychodrama game, through divination techniques to access the subconscious mind.
Check out Maja's water workshop. 
Join White Witch Maja D’Aoust as she gives a live divination demonstration exploring an alternative method for reading the Tarot based on Alchemical techniques.  Her new Tarot deck, The White Witch Tarot, uses a spread that encourages the use of psychological archetypes in a marriage of opposites that mirror the Shakespearean drama.  Examine the purposes and properties of the Tarot through this unique deck that uses meditative channeled images and text to convey the mysteries.
Learn how to navigate the archetypes utilizing this new strategy and arrangement of the cards.  The psychodrama is an effective technique for unearthing the secrets of the psyche and the tarot is the perfect tool to wield it

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