September 03, 2018 - Monday 11am-6pm - Divinations and Healing Sessions - with John Lockley

Divination sessions with John Lockley involving private ceremonies to help people connect to their bones (ancestors), dreams & life purpose.

DIVINATION: 'Throwing the bones'
As a traditional sangoma John Lockley is a trained 'diviner' and he receives messages from the ancestral world through dreams, trance dancing and 'throwing the bones.' 

Each session is a ceremony whereby he chants in isiXhosa and creates a circle with tobacco. He chants the names of the client's ancestors into the circle. As the bones fall they create a constellation, representing the client's life. John speaks about the constellation, indicating the client's strengths and challenges. In keeping with the sangoma way, John often gives clients home-work involving private ceremonies or meditations.

Note: These are not fortune telling sessions, but rather sessions to help people discover their gifts, and overcome their challenges. The power of these sessions is dependent on the client’s intention to work on themselves. John is simply a guide. The stronger the client's intention to realise their destiny or life path, the more energy is given to 'the bones'.

Suitable for:
People searching for more direction in their lives, and a way to connect to their bones (ancestors).

Healing Room

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