September 03, 2017 - Sunday 4:30-6:30pm - Altar Your Life -- Draw in Your Ideal through Sound and Vision - with Kathleen Whalen and Rachel Alexandria

Vedic astrologer Kathleen Whalen and best-selling author Rachel Alexandria lead you through a sound healing and guided visualization experience to create personalized micro-practices that support the life of your dreams.

Dive into an experience of your ideal life through sound healing and guided visualization. Activate what you discover through the Life Altar-ing Process -- learn instantly effective techniques to clear blockages to achieving your ideal life, and receive a simple one-page Life Altar template to fill in with your focused, personal vision to raise your vibration and magnetize your highest good. Leave with a customized, sacred image that will inspire you daily, and move you towards your dream goals.

Kathleen Whalen, M.S., is a lifelong dancer and rock climber, adventurer and world traveler, including travels to Tibet, Nepal, India, China, Taiwan, remote Bahamas, Wales, and Crete. She has been practicing tai chi and qi gong for several decades.

While studying Chinese Medicine in China in the early 90s, she was guided to a magical trip from Lhasa to meet the pre-teen Karmampa in Tibet (twice!). This set the stage for an unplanned, life changing trek and spiritual journey around Mt. Kailas and Lake Manasarovar in 1992.

Kathleen’s gifts have brought her into continual presence of acclaimed teachers from Thubten Chodron to Robert Svoboda PhD., Vasant Lad, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Pieter Weltevrede, Gina Sala and more. Thus she is a wealth of experienced knowledge that spans meditation, mantra, Sanskrit, pranayama, Jyostisa, Ayurveda, Nada Yoga, Yantramantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta, Taoism, Sanatanama dharma, and traditional Indian painting.

Like Felix the Magic cat, Kathleen pulls different tools from her bag (Chinese medicine, herbology, energy medicine, biochemistry, neuroscience, medical research, crystal healing, flower essences, aromatherapy, qi gong, meditation, yoga, sound healing and more) to reveal the path to your highest good.

When Kathleen was studying Vedic Astrology, she saw her own professional path through her chart. It showed her how she could combine ALL her tools to help others heal their own energy bodies, lives, hearts and souls through the power and insight of Vedic Astrology.

Rachel Alexandria, M.A., M.F.A., has been living a life outside the "norm" since 2006 when Spirit came knocking at her door. After receiving many messages through signs and psychics, she went through a year-long journey to understand and integrate her calling as an energy healer and intuitive...while getting her graduate degree as a psychotherapist.

As an only child of a divorced mom who travelled for work, Rachel struggled with asthma and bad environmental allergies, which meant she spent tons of time alone with her mind while her body healed. She learned through intense trials and failures how to listen to her inner knowing and creative muse. She became a dancer, poet, singer, and artist, which combine with her deep calling to guide people to their inner power and leadership.

Rachel has been following Spirit's guidance through the dissolution of her marriage and a business partnership in 2010, which lead her to commit to never avoiding conflict again. Since then, via Spirit's guidance, she has innovated dozens of programs as an entrepreneur, including a video series combining tapping and the Enneagram, a course of guided meditations, a book about preparing for interpersonal conflict and a book of illustrations about how to work with consciousness.

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