September 02, 2018 - Sunday 1-3pm - An Inspirational Afternoon: Love Really Is the Answer - with Rev. Peter Panagore, Mdiv

Rev. Peter Panagore, M. Div., Yale, will tell the true tale of his first death, of Love Above, and the treasure of love below; and he will help you to enhance your pursuit of the Oneness.

In 1980, twenty-one year old Peter Panagore died of hypothermia roped to an ice cliff in Banff National Park. Death carried his true-self to an Illumined Eternal Darkness where no time exists, and there are no things. There The Voice of Love Eternal brought him to oneness in understanding, knowledge, love, beauty, truth, joy, adoration, and more. Be inspired.

Join Inspirational teacher, speaker, scholar, storyteller, TV and FM broadcaster, and Audible Best Selling author Rev. Peter Panagore, M.Div., beloved in Maine, and in New Hampshire, because of his fifteen years of two-minute daily inspirational TV spots of storytelling on two NBC TV stations. Peter works for God, serves humanity, and powers his life with nearly forty years of prayer, yoga, and mediation practice that he also teaches. Enhance your practice.

Main Hall

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