September 01, 2018 - Saturday 10am-5pm - The Way of the 'Leopard Warrior' - with John Lockley

This is an intensive one day workshop with John Lockley to help people connect to their humanity with the courage of a warrior and grace of a leopard.

Shake your Bones & Open your Heart - A one day workshop based on John Lockley’s bestselling debut book, Leopard Warrior: A Journey into the African Teachings of Ancestry, Instinct & Dreams. 

A joyful exploration of ‘Ubuntu’ (Humanity) and what it means to be fully human, alive and connected to the natural world. John will teach participants how to connect to their life purpose through the ancient South African traditional teachings of ‘Ubuntu’. These teachings speak about the interconnectedness of all life. It involves an exploration of Ancestors, Dreams and the practice of trance dancing. Participants will learn how to connect to their Ancestors in a timeless African way, and how to dance like the Leopard and let their spirit flow. In order to understand your life purpose it is important to connect to your bones, the roots of your being. Would you like to feel more alive and connected with your life purpose? Then join us for this remarkable day of meditation, dance and mystical teachings. 

Participants will have an opportunity to get a signed copy of John’s book, Leopard Warrior as well as audio teachings, The Way of the Leopard.

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