May 13, 2017 - Saturday 5-8:30pm - Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval Workshop - with Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor, Energy Intuitive Therapist, leads a past-life regression, and soul-retrieval.

Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval Workshop
In our limited ego-based personality, our conscious memory does not have immediate access to divine knowledge about our life’s purpose, our soul’s destiny, or the life lessons that we chose to experience and grow from in this lifetime.   Our vision can be limited to our ego or personality-based desires when we are faced with decisions about relationships, jobs, finances, health, goals, and choices. 
So often people have experienced traumas in past lives that impact their current ability to feel whole, to trust their own inner guidance, or have unconscious fears that limit the full enjoyment of their lives, among other limitations.  Past life “echoes” as Travis calls them, can limit us in accessing our unique, independent, and authentic paths.
In this workshop, Travis will talk briefly about the nature of our eternal oneness and spiritual connectivity as it relates to past lives, and teach participants how to access their Akashic records for important insight into their lives.
As a clairvoyant healer, Travis helps clients access aspects of their soul that are disconnected from them now, which often results in feelings of lack of empowerment, malaise, depression, or being withdrawn, due to a trauma or experience that occurred in the past.
In order to be truly whole and complete spiritual beings, it is necessary to find these soul parts, and bring them home.
In addition to providing channeled insight to the group, Travis will guide participants in meditations they can use for their own self-healing practice, and provide as many individual past life regression readings and soul retrieval healings as time permits.

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