October 27, 2018 - Saturday 10:30am-1pm - Breakthrough Journaling - with Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis provides tips and exercises to help you use journaling to move beyond limiting self-definitions. 

Narrative is a powerful tool for shaping our experience of reality. This workshop with writing teacher and long-time journaler Rebecca Davis explores the power of journaling to move us beyond limiting self-definitions to realize the most joyful, powerful, and expansive version of our lives. Topics include…

• The use of a journal to break through habitual negative thought patterns and self-defeating inner dialog.

• The use of a journal as a way to detach from and move past ego (what Tolle calls the “pain body”) as opposed to reinforcing ego-limitations with story.

• The use of a journal to access intuitive knowledge of true life purpose and direction.  

• Tips for sustaining a fun and rewarding journaling practice.

Bring your favorite journal and pen, laptop, or other writing implements.

Main Hall

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