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October 25, 2019 - Friday 11am-5pm - Sacred Energy Healing and Soul Light Readings - with Jaya Sarada

In order to book a reading, please call the store at 206.523.3726

 $77/30 minutes, $120/hour, $44/15 minutes

Life changing, soul renewing, transformational and deeply healing sessions with Jaya Sarada.

Beginning her sessions with deep listening, Jaya offers you a map to your healing and transformation. Jaya has the gift of seeing your "Souls Light." She is guided by Divine Beings that help remove the veils to your light, heal the wounds of your soul, and activate your Soul's potential.

Together, you will create your “Soul Affirmation.”  This affirmation will inspire you to release blocks such as energetic trauma and painful memories that prevent you from creating the life you envision. Through energy testing (kinesiology) Jaya will assist you in understanding your life purpose, untainted by past conditioning.

Soul Light Awakening Sessions bring you life renewal, greater joy, and profound sense of well-being.  You will experience forgiveness where needed, deep compassion, and unconditional love for yourself and others. As you reconnect with your Soul's Light and Divine Guidance, you will realize that you are the Light of the World.

With over 30 years experience as a kinesiologist, energy healer and oracle reader, Jaya’s toolkit includes sacred cards, sound healing, crystal bowls, bio-tuneups, gemstones, along with chakra, color and aura healing. Sessions are offered on a PEMF or Amethyst Bio-Mat, with healing music, sacred oils and gentle touch. 

 $77/30 minutes, $120/hour, $44/15 minutes

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