October 25, 2018 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - Two Breaths, One Step: Hiking across the Himalayas - with Sylvia Verange

Accompanied by a breathtaking slide show, Sylvia Verange shares her amazing adventure hiking over 500 miles across the Himalayas.

In 1984, Sylvia Verange set off on a 500 mile journey across the Himalayas of Nepal. Hiking through the breathtaking scenery, remote mountain villages, and treacherous, freezing conditions, Verange’s story lays out both a historical snapshot of the region, as well as an epic travelogue of a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Join Sylvia as she shares an amazing adventure complete with inspiring stories and a stunning slide show. Part Elizabeth Gilbert, part Paul Theroux, Two Breaths, One Step follows one woman’s hike through the Himalayas as she endures nature and comes to know herself. “Sylvia writes with candor and the kind of descriptive detail that makes you feel you are walking right along with her.”

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