October 22, 2018 - Monday 7-8:30pm - Pathways to a Centered Body: the Psoas as Touchstone to Self - with Leila Stuart


Join Leila Stuart, international Yoga Therapy Teacher and author, for an experiential journey into the psoas muscle as a key to physical, mental and emotional centering.

Leila's book "Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease", co-authored with Donna Farhi, reveals the underlying function of the psoas muscle as a unifying structure for the bodymind. 
Although hidden deep within the body, the psoas is increasingly acknowledged as a key muscle of the human structure. It has a multidimensional influence on our physical, mental and emotional experience of stability, strength and connection. When gently and sensitively accessed experientially, the psoas can initiate a process of deep inner transformation as well as healing back pain, digestive issues and a multitude of other physical conditions. It connects us to our deepest feelings, inner power and inherent Wholeness.

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