October 21, 2018 - Sunday 1-6pm - Spiritual Self-Mastery for Empaths and Sensitives - with Colby Wilk

Become a master of your own wellness with Colby Wilk, Spiritual Core Healer by learning to direct your psychic anatomy into a protected, balanced and grounded state of well being.

In this highly interactive workshop, learn how to deepen your ground, increase your boundaries and keep yourself clear of other’s energy so you can move through the world easily without being overwhelmed. Colby Wilk, Spiritual Core Healer, will share six energetic practices and three activations to help you move beyond long-standing blocks, negative thinking, while increasing your sense of connection with your Highest Self. Become a master of your own wellness by learning to direct your psychic anatomy into a secure, protected, super state of well being.  

In the first part of the workshop, learn how to better attend to your Self. By bringing your attention into your body you increase your "felt sense." You learn to recognize when you stay with yourself and when you abandon yourself. By gaining a sense that you are safe in the body, you rest into Presence - the seeding ground of miracles. You know what your feelings are and when they are another. You begin to have more of you. As you become less scattered, you begin to incorporate more of your Essence in the body. As a result, you have greater strength of Spirit, purpose, and flexibility to change.

In the second part of this workshop, Colby teaches how you can become better at connecting with Helpers and your Higher Self, and maintain your sense of Self in the physical plane by anchoring into your body. You reap the benefits of a larger, more connected support team: greater trust in the unseen, less fear of the unknown and more self-confidence.

You'll come away new tools and an upgraded energetic system with which to manifest a truer, body-centered relationship with the Divine and the ability to go anywhere without taking on others' energy or being overwhelmed.. even places like Costco or Ikea.

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