October 21, 2017 - Saturday 1-5pm - The Process of Self Creation - with Mark Stanton Welch

Join Sound Alchemist, Mark Stanton Welch, for a unique experience to reclaim your Divine Design in an expansive experience.

Self Creation is the conscious release of any vibration lower than the frequency of Wholeness. It is based on the idea that we are born with all we need to be fully who we are, all the information, all the skills, all the willingness, all the knowing, all the connections, all the resources…it is contained in the cellular holographic space, awaiting reawakening via triggered release via life’s moments. The Self Creation Process requires consistent attention, choice, and action. Join Sound Alchemist, Mark Stanton Welch, in a unique gathering to learn about and activate the energies of self creation to start your reclamation of your own Divine Design. Informational, active, interactive, and fun. Bring water.

Healing Room

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