October 14, 2018 - Sunday 12:30-2pm - Shamanic Council - with Jan Van Ysslestyne

Please call East West at
206-523-3726 for information

Join the exploration and practice of Classical Siberian Shamanism, with Jan Van Ysslestyne

The Shamanic Council is an ongoing experiential group that meets monthly to explore and practice the foundations of Classical Siberian Shamanism.

These lineage teachings come from the Ulchi peoples which historically trace their shamanic traditions from their Neolithic ancestors of Eastern Siberia. By providing a solid framework in both theory and practice, a student can progress quickly in their own personal practice of the art. We work with ancient rhythms, songs, and movement along with various modalities of trance induction.

The purpose is to teach a model of self-healing through a shamanic lens. Group work augments one’s own personal practice.

Requirement: Bring a Native, Siberian, or Celtic style of round drum so that you can fully participate in the program. No congas or doumbeks please.

For current class schedule and what you’ll need to bring please visit our website at






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