October 13, 2018 - Saturday 1-5pm - Develop Your Empathic Superpower - with David Sauvage

Develop your empathic and intuitive superpowers with master empath David Sauvage.

Are you an empath? Do you feel the feelings over others? Do you have intuitions about other people that you just can't explain, but turn out to be true? Do you feel it in your body?

David Sauvage has developed his empathic abilities to the extent that he can turn his entire nervous system over to another -- and reflect their feelings back to them with uncanny accuracy. In this workshop, David will teach you how. If you want to be a totally open channel for another and return safely to yourself, this is a great opportunity.

This workshop is for those who already identify as empathic and/or intuitive and want to go further.

To learn more about David check out www.empath.nyc. He’ll be performing on the 12th as well.

Main Hall

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