October 10, 2018 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Discussion on the Meaning of Life: The Wisdom of Buddha - with Rigdzin Tingkhye

Join Rigdzin Tingkhye, beloved Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher, for a discussion and meditation on the meaning of life from a Buddhist perspective.

The focus of discussion will be...
What is spirituality and what is “Spiritual Materialism?” What is the Buddhist view and its Path.
What is birth and death.
Hands on practice of analytical meditation, visualization meditation, mantra recitation; meditation: question and answer.

“We all long for happiness and want to avoid suffering. Knowing our ultimate mind and understanding the nature of mind. We can overcome any barrier and hardship in life such as anger, loneliness and fear. Because we are born with love and made out of compassion our true mind is love, wisdom and clarity. Because of this innate seed that we all possess, we don’t have to add or subtract; therefore, it is possible to achieve equanimity and clarity.” -Rigdzin Tingkhye

Main Hall

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