October 05, 2017 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - Learn to Read Priestess/Priest Vision in Eyes + Grow - with Laureli Shimayo

Join Laureli Shimayo to appreciate and recognize the Priestess/Priest Talent with Intuitive Eye Readings and deepen in authenticity, inspiration and emotional truth.

Everyone knows that eyes are the window to the soul. The light that shines through our eyes reveals our unique genius, natural gifts, greatest strength and deepest capacity – our quickest access to ease, joy and fulfillment. The most important trait of ThriveTypes is a person's Talents. This 7 class series covers all 7 Talents: their great contributions and lessons plus how to read them in eyes.

This class will explore Priestess/Priest Talent, both the light side that passionately motivates and inspires growth and transformation and the dark that self-righteously, intensely and dramatically judges.

Join Laureli Shimayo, Intuitive Eye Reader, Coach and Author, to grow your Priestess/Priest Talent, recognize Priestess/Priest in others, plus appreciate and get along better with Priestesses/Priests in your life (e.g., colleague, partner, parent/child). Presentation PDF provided.

Website: www.ThriveTypes.com

$20 (or $125 for Entire 7-Part Series)

Healing Room

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